Local Government Karachi
Sindh and Covid-19
Sustainable Development Goals

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Swaleha Razi Ullah. (2022). EVOLUTION OF THE BUREAUCRACY IN SINDH: THE ROLE OF SDGS IN EMPOWERED LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF KARACHI. Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences, 3(1), 89–99. Retrieved from https://gjmasuok.com/index.php/gjmas/article/view/106


Article 140 (A) of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan clearly provides the basis for the establishment of an empowered elected local government by covering all the domains of devolution of power i.e. political, administrative, and financial. However, ethnic, political, and federal interests constrained its practical implementation of it in Karachi, an economic hub of the country and the provincial capital of Sindh. Karachi is the one of most populated metropolitan cities in the world including suburbs that faced challenges in the absence of viable local government. Covid-19 hit globally in the year 2020, and has shaken the socio-economic conditions of the countries and more importantly their metropolitans. This research study is an attempt to investigate lacunas of Karachi’s LG System. Does the local government of Karachi was empowered, both administratively and financially, enough for coping with the Covid-19 challenges that city faced during the phase of a pandemic? Do the weaknesses and issues of metropolitan expose during the said time span, are due to ineffective local government of the city? Does the weaknesses and issues of metropolitan are due to the negligence of the responsibility by the local government of Karachi? Do the Constitutional provisions safeguard the empowerment of LG? Do the political and ethnic factors constrain the reformation of LG system is a desirable need of the city? Does the recently passed - Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2021, hinder the UN’s 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development goals by creating structural and procedural controversies and controversies over empowerment? The research methodology includes a literature review. Apart from it, a questionnaire survey conducted by academia and journalists, approximately fifty from each community will serve as a voice for resolving the appropriate LG system’s problems with adequate empowerment in the challenging circumstances.



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