Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences

Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021)
Published December 31, 2021

The GJMAS is an interdisciplinary open-access double-blind peer-reviewed refereed journal published by the Department of Public Administration, the University of Karachi that publishes significant contributory researches in different fields of social sciences, business and education management. GJMAS publishes two issues per year. It has both version of ISSN. Print ISSN 2788-4821 and Online ISSN 2788-483X. GJMAS publishes original research articles related to Business Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Marketing Management, Psychology, Sociology, Education Management, Teacher’s Training, Education Training, MIS (Management Information System), Business Law, Marketing theory and Marketing applications, Business investment, Business finance, Public ethics, Operations management, business research, Organizational behaviour, Business and economics education, Case studies, statistics, Industrial relations, Econometric, Personnel relations, management & public policy, Management organization and Innovation & technology.
By providing easy access to the insights of Social Sciences & Business Information, case studies and researches, GJMAS aims to extend and supplement the knowledge of the scholarly world.

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Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences is an academic research-based organization that works under Knowledge Words Publications. GJMAS aims to identifying, exploring and nurturing intellectual human capital in the fields of Education & Business Management inclined to attain a significant place in the world of academic research by its commendable activities. Our holistic endeavour includes the establishment and promotion of academic / professional researchers/students and their valuable contributions by providing them with an electronic platform where they can publish their researches and contributions in order to have a larger readership. GJMAS seeks an effectual role to play in the development of training, research, leadership and knowledge management skills not only among its members but also in its readers so that society could enable the transfer of knowledge among the world’s intellectual human capital. We invite you to join our purpose and to make it more strength so that this noble cause could spread in its all webs.