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Z. B. Junaid, Z. B. J., Siddique, M., & Ahmed, M. (2020). PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND ITS IMPLICATION. Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences, 1(1), 53–69.


This study attempts to analyze the current performance management system of a restaurant to present a solution in the form of the new performance management system. A PMS and performance appraisal form have been made with an effort to provide a solution in Urdu that is best suited to the requirements of all the branches of the restaurant across Pakistan. It further deals with explaining the responsibilities of the selected groups of employees. These groups of employees included the back end and the front-end staff of the employees. This study gave the basis for analyzing the presently practised performance appraisal in the restaurant which helped to identify the pitfalls and the gaps prevalent in their appraisal system of the performance of the employees. Several visits were made to the various branches of the restaurant, interviews were conducted, and data was gathered that helped in analyzing the prevalent system. The study formulates a hypothesis based on relevant literature about using the present system of appraisal and the criticality of its ineffectiveness. The study of the whole system being practised.  


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