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Ali, M. A., & Zaheer, S. Y. . (2020). DECLINE OF IGLOO ICE-CREAM IN PAKISTAN DUE TO INSUFFICIENT STRATEGIC PRACTICES. Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences, 1(2), 15–25.


Under this study, it has been strive to comparatively analyze the marketing strategy of igloo for its survival and market share in the local market. Keeping in concern with its marketing mix, marketing plan, consumer preferences and analysis to come to any point for the best solution of reviving and survival Igloo in the local market. Prioritizing that Igloo has been among the pioneers of Ice cream industry in Pakistan since 1972, offered valuable and pure variety and taste to their customer. But what should be the weaken area where Walls has opportunity to grow in the market. Secondly, what must be the new marketing plan for Igloo to revive his lost image in the market. Last but not the least what should be the best strategic plan for Igloo to invest on its human capital in order to redeem its valuable team that drive Igloo towards success and prosperity again.


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