FACTORS AFFECTING TO ACCEPT OR DENY THE COVID VACCINATION (A Comparative Study of Working and Non-Working Women During Pregnancy and Lactation)


Working Women
Non-Working Women
Pregnant Women
Lactating Women

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Akmal, F., Siddiqui, F., & Waheed, A. (2021). FACTORS AFFECTING TO ACCEPT OR DENY THE COVID VACCINATION (A Comparative Study of Working and Non-Working Women During Pregnancy and Lactation). Global Journal for Management and Administrative Sciences, 2(2), 131–139. https://doi.org/10.46568/gjmas.v2i2.75


Every person is fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, the world's first and most potent danger of the twenty-first century. The whole world's attention is focused on the worldwide pandemic, and practically every nation is impacted in some way by it. Pregnant women are more prone than their nonpregnant counterparts to acquire a more severe case of COVID-19. Numerous factors argue in favour of the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines throughout pregnancy. According to research, between 29.7% and 77.4% of pregnant women got the COVID-19 vaccination. The study focused on analysis those factors which are responsible for creating perception about vaccination against COVID-19 disease. Whether pregnant and lactating women accept it or not. It also compared the decision of pregnant and lactating women respective to working and non-working women. The study suggested COVID-19 vaccination to protect pregnant women from severe sickness and death. Infants are at risk of developing problems linked with COVID-19, including respiratory arrest and other life-threatening consequences.



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